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Life Lessons of Travel and Elite Youth Sports 

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“Why are parents having their kids play on these travel teams at such a young age knowing their kids not going pro.” 

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard suburban parents whose children are not involved in sports make that very statement. 

The life lessons of sports play an integral role in your business and personal life. 

Traits of Athletes: 

Hard work- There are no participation trophies in travel sports. They will cut you or reduce your playing time if you don’t work hard and preform. 

Discipline: In my home my kids must keep up their academics. 

Ability to Adapt My son at 9 has been on 3 different travel baseball teams, new coaches, new players. 

Self-awareness: I video tape my son’s games and ask him what he can improve on.  

Teamwork: My children understand it’s not all about them. They must contribute for the good of the team.  

There’s not a cooperation in America that not only will hire people with these traits, but will promote them into leadership positions. 

In fact, I knew a tech company in the early 2000 that was hiring sales representative 2 years out of College with a starting salary of $95K and commission and bonus $150K-$200K. I happened to know someone in a leadership role at that company. I learned that the profile of who they hired were all former division 1 college athletes. The leadership had great experience hiring people with that background. 

The chances of making a living playing sports is small and not likely for the clear majority participating. Whether we like it or our society has a great deal of respect and admiration for athletes. The respect, and admiration combined with personal traits opens many doors of opportunity. 

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