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Teach People How To Help You

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Most People Will Help You If 

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity.” 

Nat Turner 

I have been fortunate to get connected with business leaders and entrepreneurs many who have achieved the success, that I am working on.  When we connect either through an introduction, cold call, or through social media, I am surprised at their willingness no to help me. One of the first things they often ask is “what are you struggling with?” 

It’s so important to have self-awareness and the ability to clearly communicate what are your challenges and most importantly what have you been doing to overcome them.  Why would someone waste their time giving advice and helping someone who is not helping themselves? 

I used to be a personal trainer once and I could not help clients achieve their goals if I did not understand their life styles, habits and tactics they were applying.  

You can’t subscribe a solution if you don’t know the root cause 

In the movie Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise asks Cuba Gooding “to help me help you”  

I believe people will help you for four reasons: 

  • They are an acquaintance, friend, family who likes and respects you. 
  • You have given them clear direction. Good communication. 
  • You made it easy convenient without cost or sacrifice 
  • What you are doing or stand for aligns with their values and beliefs. 


Youth Advantage 

Young people’s main complaint when searching for jobs is that everyone wants experience. Which leads to the obvious question: “How do you get an opportunity to get experience when you have none? I believe in making your disadvantage an advantage and here’s how you do it. 

Mindset (most older people will help you because of one word “empathy”.  An experienced person knows how hard it was when they started.  For us older folks it is rare that we have young person asking for help or advice.)  

Communication Start by asking and make sure you make it easy by following the directions of the person who has agreed to help you.  

Gratitude don’t forget to say thank you. 

Follow up: it’s critical that you follow up promptly. 

We all need help sometimes whether you are young or old and it’s nice to see there are people who just get it. Just because someone says no don’t let that deter you from asking for help. It has been my experience that it’s a numbers game and like I said earlier you would be surprised at how complete strangers will take time to help you.    






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