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You Are Where you are because someone helped you at some point in your career

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You Are Where you are because someone helped you at some point in your career. 

As someone who has changed careers, moved multiple times to different countries and states, I have come across two types of people. There are people that will help you and those that will not. For the people that choose not to help, the common excuses I hear: 

 Too busy, I can’t get them a job, I don’t know this person, they may waste my time. My favorite, if I help this person, they may take my job one day. 

It takes little time to help and you have control of the process. You dictate the terms and time you will devote. Most people are not asking for a job, but typically advice. You can easily provide this advice in an email. Most professional know there industry well enough to communicate sound advice in 10 minutes or less. The fact that someone things so highly of you to ask for your advice on your profession is the ultimate compliment. 

I have a great test to determine if someone asking for help is serious. Ask them to send relevant information that makes it easy for you to help them. If they follow your directions and follow up in a timely manner than they are serious. 

Here is a generic email you can use the next time someone needs your help. How much time will it take you to make an introduction to help someone, five minutes? 


How are you doing? How are things over at Company X? I am reaching out because I would like to know if you could spare a few minutes to speak with a young man/woman about your industry. I meet them at ______ and was most impressed with their passion to learn about your industry. What I found special about _______ they had great questions and followed up with me promptly. This told me _______ is hungry and serious, about being successful in their career and won’t waste your time. They are not expecting a job, just a few minutes of your time.  


  • You get to reconnect with people in your network. Your nurturing existing relationships and building new ones. 
  • Personally, I feel energized and a sense of purpose helping others. 
  • It’s the right thing to do because you received help when you started your career. 

I will challenge you to take 15 minutes of your time to help one person with advice, introduction, or business opportunity that has no benefit to you. 

 To whomever much is given, of him will much be required; and to whom much was entrusted, of him more will be asked. Luke 12:48 

Goadilo was created to help people learn about new careers by hearing a day in the life of people working in high demand professions and trades. 


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